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More and more companies are in need of good servers to run their heavy CRM system or to make sure that communication and internal project management can be handled more agile. But most companies realize how expensive it is to have a server run seven days a week in a company, not even considering the cost of security and maintenance. That is why more and more companies decide to use a Virtual private server or VPS server from an online hosting company. This way they can still have the advantages of a private server without having to install a physical server in their own building. Our VPS servers Amsterdam are located at Schiphol and accessible for all our clients, 24/7.

VPS servers

When you like to use a VPS server for WDMSH it is important to know how much data you will need to transfer every day and how much storage you will need. Avps is basically a computer that is a distance away but that you can still easily access. It has a handy Windows or Linux layout, so you can easily work with it and even install programs on it without a problem. When you want to use a server, it is important to make sure that you use it wisely. That means that it is a waste of money to rent hundreds of gigabytes of storage space, when you only need a few gigabytes. It is also important to look at the several bandwidths you can chose, before choosing for a server. A VPS van easily help you company to store files or run programs on a server that is not in your physical building. We make sure your server is always maintained well and always updated with the latest online security systems. That way we make sure that all your files and information are always safe and sound.